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Test what you know!

An indoor quiz game which allows to compete in an active way between groups of people organized among different teams. lt allows to go over the main concepts of the company, unify the team, create emotional bonds, use the newest technologies and above all to spend a great time.
The presenter handles / controls the activity, sending questions to group devices and showing scoring graphics through big screens.

Create custom quizzes and target specific objectives such as team cohesion, empowering the organizational culture, knowledge test.


Have fun taking personalized pictures!

The coolest app to register and impress your event attendees. They just have to show their best angle to take a gorgeous picture in just one click and let our chroma magic transform the background and take them anywhere.

After that, brand frame can be added and photos can be shared through Social Media, emailed with personalized message of choice, or shown on the Big Screen to make everyone feel like a Star!

We Can Customize Almost Anything

We Can Customize Almost Anything

If you need a unique method of personalization, Mooveteam is the place to go. We never take a one size fits all approach, and our designs can be customized for any organization, event or group. Anything you see in our web can be switched up and tweaked to fit your ideals and style! Just ask! Email us any time, 24/7 here.



In addition to working very hard to build the simplest and most powerful interactive team-building app, and setting the bar for great customer support,we are always updating and improving our to iterate and improve our range of products to empower event managers with the latest and most innovative technology.

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