Free credits for a month

Facing the current situation of several event cancelations due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, we are providing free moove TEAM credits for our current and new partners till 04/30/2020

We all love our geolocalized team activities, but at this moment, everybody has to stay home safe, applying the recommended social distancing practices. That does not mean that you can’t create and play a vast array of fun and engaging activities with our platform. 

Moove TEAM can be used to create trivia games, escape games, photo and video challenges, and more. 

Why free credits?

This one-month free credits initiative is an incentive for event creators and other creative people to dive into our platform and create great games and activities for those living these adverse times. We are always working to unite and entertain people with fun activities. And now it wouldn’t be different.

So jump on it! Use your free credits to build a trivia game to entertain those bored at home, an amazing team building activity to motivate teams working remotely, offer your local school an educational game for the children, a thrilling escape game, and so on. We believe that new beautiful projects can emerge at this moment.

It is also a chance for those searching for a new business opportunity to test Moove for a month, create games, and see how easy it is. Our platform has helped several businesses to increase their revenue by offering mobile-based games and activities.

How will people play my activity if they don’t have an iPad at home?

iPads are great to organize team-building events as they have larger screens that let teams gaze at it in group and big batteries that allow for intense usage. But our apps are also available for smartphones, not only iOS but also Android, so don’t worry, everyone can play your game. 

I am not a moove Partner. How can I access the platform to create a game?

If you are not a partner and want to start using moove, contact us using the form below. A representative will contact you to do a demo and set your account. 

Stay home, be safe, and have fun.


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