HorecaHomeGame – have fun and support local businesses
April 21, 2020  | 

The COVID-19 crisis has affected companies all over the world. Social distancing measures have a strong impact on the catering industry. To mitigate the economic effects of these measures for local restaurants, and to ensure that those businesses keep in touch with their customers even during the period of physical isolation, Moove Netherlands used moove GO to create HORECAHOMEGAME.

How does it work?

The participant pays € 9.95 to play the game and chooses a catering location to support. For which, he will receive a € 5 voucher that he can spend when the restaurant reopens after the lockdown.

The game is available for a week, and every week there is a new game. So the same person can participate every week supporting the same restaurant or a different location. 

Every week a different game:

Game from Wednesday, April 8 to Wednesday, April 15: Pub quiz.

Game from Friday, April 17 to Wednesday, April 22: Escape game. 

Game from Friday, April 24 to Wednesday, April 29: A murder mystery.

Game from Friday, May 1 to Wednesday, May 8: Quarantine Quiz.

What to create a game marathon in support of local businesses? Contact us, and we will show you how:

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