Access all the potential of the Moove apps, getting premade games created by the best agencies worldwide. You will have a free lite version to test it, and if it fits your needs you can acquire the full game with Moove Credits.

Go Remote

Team Building | Remote | iOS and Android 

Go Remote is a Remote Team Building program to improve the wellbeing and performance of employees working from home. The game can last 1-4 weeks, depending on the company’s requirements with a new set of challenges every day.

SMART Workers Hunted

Team Building | Remote | iOS and Android 

An unusual hunt for the best SMART workers Team, which combines a virtual tour of Italy – with quizzes, anecdotes and curiosities about the most characteristic places of our Bella Italia.


Team Building | Remote | iOS and Android 

Teams will race against time to beat  Mr Riddle at his own game and solve the riddles he has left as clues.  By solving the riddles you will win parts of a secret code that will help you figure out what  Mr Riddle is up to and get there before him to stop the crime from taking place.


Team Building | City Game | iOS and Android 

In this cyber-security themed city game, participants will have to run through the city, solving challenges to collect the bitcoins necessary to pay the ransom requested by the hackers who invaded their company’s system. Otherwise all payment transactions will be shut down.

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