Secret Safe
Secret Safe, completely virtual, team building escape. It is focused on staff wellbeing, stimulating physical exercise, collaboration and communication skills.
Phone, Tablet
Team Building
English, Dutch

This virtual escape game provides a superb team-building experience for its participants. During the game, players have to travel around the world to solve different challenges. By solving those challenges, they will get clues to find a secret safe field with treasures to win it all.

The activity is virtual, allowing participants from anywhere to join from their own location. It has odometer tasks that incentivize participants to walk to unlock new challenges, making physical exercises fun in this gamified group activity.

This exciting escape game will stimulate collaboration and develop the communication skills of the team. The cooperation and camaraderie generated during the activity help participants to integrate better with their coworkers. They interact in a way they wouldn’t on a regular workday.

Activities like this are proven to help to mitigate the effects of work-related stress and burnout. It generates a positive impact on workers’ wellbeing and productivity.

As it is a virtual game, it is used to integrate remote teams with works around the globe, supporting thousands of players in the same game.