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mooveTEAM is an App to play geolocated team building activities, designed for mobile devices. A very intuitive web management panel allows building the games for any needs. mooveTEAM combines high technology, Augmented Reality features, modern design and 100% custom content, providing the users with fun during activity.

Easily design mobile team building activities

Design & set up​

The user-friendly web platform has a huge variety of tools and Augmented Reality features to create a game accordingly to a scenario.

Fun with team building mobile app

Play with fun

Competition and assured collaboration: the team members have to work together while they check with the rest of the group to reach the next challenge.​

Total control​

Follow live the game from the web or Staff app to see results, check progress, communicate with teams, control the game process and download media files.​

Several team building games options in the premium acount

Unlimited options​​

The premium account extends the customization options and adds more game features.​

A world of possibilities

Deliver all kinds of games

mooveTime frames, interactive missions, AR tools, clues, custom playing field: mooveTEAM players can communicate, strategize, and cooperate in many different ways: mooveTEAM combines high technology, Augmented Reality features, modern design and 100% custom content, providing the users with fun during activity.

with moove you can design ar games for ipad

Augmented Reality Challenge

Augmented reality is a new way to use technology that transforms how you learn, play and connect with almost everything around you. Search for hidden clues, discover another vision of things, catch monsters with an iPad and ARKit.

Treasure Hunt​

A series of clues lead players to a “treasure”. Competition and assured collaboration, the team members have to work together while they check with the rest of the group to reach the next challenge.

Group happily cheering in during team building activity
exciting ipad treasure hunt in the heart of Barcelona - Spain

iPad City Tour

An interactive real-world game where players explore the city through exciting challenges on hot spot locations. The game is played on an iPad, but within challenges, you need to make use of real city objects like squares, monuments, street signs, buildings, etc.

Escape Game

A live‐action team‐based game where players cooperatively discover clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks in one or more locations to progress and accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time.

Team spirit grows high with mobile teambuilding games
photo challenge moove team

Photo Quest

An interactive real-world game where players focus on taking photos and videos interacting with the environment and completing certain tasks and missions.

Onboarding Process

New employee onboarding is the process of getting new hires adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly. Onboarding is the process through which new hires learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to function effectively within an organization.

teambuilding activities and onboarding process app
Moove Team being used in class for interactive learning

Educational Game

A game designed to teach humans about a specific subject and to teach them a skill. As educators, governments, and parents realize the psychological need and benefits of gaming have on learning, this educational tool has become mainstream. Games are an interactive play that teaches us goals, rules, adaptation, problem-solving, interaction, all represented as a story.

iPad Rally

The iPad Rally is probably the most modern version of a scavenger hunt and leads the teams with the help of a special app to particular places in the city or the countryside.

The participants answer questions, fulfill amusing photo- and video challenges and discover insider spots in their surroundings. Different strengths of the participants come in action to assert themselves against the other teams and to win the iPad Rally.

Group of cooworkers explore the city in a team building city quest

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custom made team building activities app available for ipad and android

How it works?

We live in the age of convenience, so why should team building be expensive and stressful? Moove Apps are easier to use and more efficient than traditional options.


Step 1

Contact us to get a personal account, training and trial game


Step 2

Create the first game on the web platform in any place of the world in a few clicks and start to fill it with your content step by step


Step 3

Once you’ve made your masterpiece, click the start button and your game is available to play in our moove TEAM app


Step 4

Pay for use. Try it out for free, when you’re ready to play for real, spend your credits. No subscription needed


Step 5

Get Mooving! Don’t repeat all the steps – just personalize the game for the next client and launch it again

One credit per device,
no charges per person

No upfront cost: register and play the demo for free.
No monthly fees, pay as you play!