We upgraded our file compression system
August 3, 2020  | 
moove GO  ·  moove TEAM  ·  Update

The file compression system of the Moove platform has been upgraded. This update grants faster download of the game files and shorter load time in both Android and iOS operating systems.

The upgrade requires the intervention of the account managers as a new game file is not generated automatically. Each game in your account must be republished to generate an updated compressed file compatible with the new system.

If you try to play an event before republishing it you will receive an error saying that there was a fail when trying to decompress the game files:

What you need to do:

  1. On the Events page of the Moove back-office, press the edit icon on the left side of each event.
  2. Then press the “Publish” button on the superior right corner of the screen

And that is all. The event is ready to be played after these 2 steps.

If you have any doubt contact us at info@mooveteam.com