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Easily create new events or upload your existing ones onto a digital platform in just a few hours! Instantly increase interactivity, fun and value!

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Use it for any Occasion

Use it for any Occasion

Moove Team is a great way to maximize engagement for: employee teambuilding and training, conferences, tradeshows and conventions, product launches, orientations and academic events, sight seeing, incentive travel … and so much more.

Take the MooveTeam party anywhere, anytime!

Take the MooveTeam party anywhere, anytime!

Take the MooveTeam party anywhere, anytime! Designed and delivered Worldwide, Mooveteam has conquered many major cities: London, Barcelona, NYC, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Prague, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai…

Play Anytime

Play Anytime

Short timelines? No problem, Mooveteam hunts can be run at any time of year, even on short notice.

Built to Boost Interaction and Engagement

Built to Boost Interaction and Engagement

Mooveteam offers an intense and challenging experience, drawing out players’ knowledge and personality to foster fellowship and collaborative work.

Simple, Intuitive, Powerful

Simple, Intuitive, Powerful

MooveTeam makes it easy to dive in and start building your own customizable teambuilding app right away. Give it a name, add some tasks, upload your logos and go. It’s that easy!

Enjoy our Unrivalled Customer Support

Enjoy our Unrivalled Customer Support

Your success is our success! We are familiar with the high standards of quality and service of groups like yours and our support team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of service to keep you and your clients happy. Have any questions or need help at any stage? Our team is by your side every step of the way to help.

Deliver all kinds of games

Given a time frame, a mission, tools, clues, and a playing field, Mooveteam players can communicate, strategize, and bond in many different ways:

Treasure Hunt

Mooveteam interactive scavenger hunts are revolutionary and offer no limits to routing, content, challenges to be achieved and riddles to be solved.

Murder Mysteries

Our immersive interactive murder mysteries will keep your customers engaged from beginning to end.

Guided Tour

Mooveteam guided tours are the perfect way to become urban explorers and see cities under a new light.

Escape Rooms

Our Escape the Room fun combines all sorts of puzzles and riddles with detective work to escape several rooms in order to complete the game.

Ipad Rally

Competition and collaboration are guaranteed, as team members need to play together while checking on the rest of the gang to get to the next challenge.

Mooveteam comes fully packed with awesome features

Our super intuitive app offers a huge range of awesome features to choose from, so that you can get

Include your own logos
Easily customize the look of your hunt by including your own logos for your Hunt.

Discover interesting places
Import your existing routes & maps or discover new unique places by searching automatically in Yelp, Foursquare & Wikipedia.
Place customer logos, add historical or fantasy maps…The only limit is your imagination!

Deliver all the magic of the latest technology
The teambuilding of the future is already here with constant innovative challenges: Smart Glass, iBeacons, holograms, augmented reality.

All the information is conveniently stored on your iPad, no signal needed.

Produce virtual presenter videos
Anyone can be in Mooveteam´s videos, from players to celebrities.

Take & Download Photos, Reports and Stats
Quickly download any photos and stats from your Hunt to get them in your private Collection, share socially with the World or show after the event!

After Party Instant Replay
Show off the photos and videos captured throughout the event in beautiful, professional photo galleries and slideshows.
Create dynamic photo galleries in just a few clicks and share live anywhere with Wifi to enjoy the best of the best after it’s wrapped up!

Preview you hunt
You can preview your hunt to make sure everything is the way you want it.

Track, monitor and update all the fun in real time
Keep full control of the game from the desktop at the office or from the field with an iPad. Make the most of your hunt with Mooveteam´s high-powered admin tools!
Easily see how your attendees are progressing, send them challenges on the fly and communicate with the teams through chat.

Create Spectacular Interaction
Communicate, engage, lead, follow… teams can see each other's performance and chat; send items, robots, tricks and jokes; contact organizers and so much more.


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